QooQoon silqShield Invisible for Apple iPhone 4 and 4S | Screen Protector Skin Shield

Apply our silqShield Invisible as a second skin to protect your iPhone 4/4S. Without changing it's great look and feel.

The silqShield is: easy to apply without water, washable, reusable, retina-display and multi-touch compatible, extremely scratch resistant, very smooth and has a lifetime warranty.

No wonder so many users love our silqShield Invisible.

Buy silqShield Invisible for Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

1. iPhone 4 & 4S - Front (In Stock, Free Delivery)
2. iPhone 4 & 4S - Front & Back (In Stock, Free Delivery)
3. iPhone 4 & 4S - Full Body (In Stock, Free Delivery)
Price includes tax and free shipping within the EU,
lifetime warranty and 45-days money back guarantee.
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Revolutionary: SmartApply by QooQoon

Apply the silqShield Invisible to your device in 15 seconds.
Perfectly aligned and bubble free. Available now!

Why our products work better

  • Easy application without water or fluids
  • Revolutionary SmartApply in 15 seconds
  • Can be removed and re-installed
  • No orange peel that ruins the look of your iPhone
  • No discoloration of the top layer
  • Look of your iPhone will not change
  • Drag-free top layer feels just like the iPhone screen
  • No added bulk and no extra weight
  • Feel of your iPhone will not change
  • Full multi-touch and retina-display support
  • Proximity sensor and camera are not affected
  • User interface and experience will not change
  • Glass against scratches and scruffs
  • Edges against impact damage
  • For extreme protection: add a bumper to option 1
  • Case friendly: you can use our front shield with a case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Professional customer service

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What our customers say

"This is the only protector I have tried that is actually invisible to the naked eye. I even had to convince people that I added an extra layer. It's simply that hard to see or feel."
James Johnson, Texas USA

"I was extremely impressed by the feel of your product. I just couldn't tell the difference after I installed it."
W. May-Heston, England

"My tip: combine the Silqshield with a bumper. It might add a little bulk, but the result is a virtually indestructible package."
Alex Hartmann, Germany

"I made a mistake during the installation, only to find that I could just rinse the product and try again. How cool is that?"
Carolina Winston, Australia

"I just love how your product doesn't add the draggy feel that many other protectors that I tested did have. The retina display still looks and feels just like it should!"
Rick, Singapore

"I accidentally put my keys in the wrong pocket and felt them scratch against my phone. The Silqshield saved the day!"
Mr. vd Vught, The Netherlands

Our products in the field

  • The field test is the final test in our development cycle.
  • Several testers use our product for a long period in real life.
  • We applied test-versions of the Invisible to several iPhone4s.
  • A diverse test-group tested the product for 6 months.
  • There was just one rule: use your phone as your normally would.
  • On the right is a snapshot of a regular test with our final silqShield.
  • All arrows point to a specific type of damage.
  • Damage is coded with a layer-letter and a severity index.
  • T = Top layer, P = Protect layer, X = Full penetration.
  • Penetration Severity Index: 1 (low), 2 (medium), 3 (high).
  • The T layer does most of the work, the damage will be barely visible.
  • The P layer is extremely hard and durable and acts as a hard shield.
  • P1 damage will just be visible when looking closely.
  • P2, P3 damage is quite severe, but very rare and harmless.
  • X damage is virtually impossible and has not occurred in the field.
  • Both images on the right are of the exact same testmodel as above.
  • As you can see on the right, the iPhone is untouched.
  • The T layer has prevented shallow scratches and marks.
  • The P layer has prevented deep scratches and severe damage.
  • No P3 or X damage occurred in our final test batch.
  • All iPhones remained undamaged and unscratched.
  • 91% of testers still use their silqShield without any P or X damage.

How we stack up

Scratch protection
Drag-free interface layer
Does not change the feel of iPhone
Does not change the look of iPhone
Easy installation without water or liquids
Exclusive PSG-layer that prevents peeling
No 'orange peel' or 'bubble' effect
Lifetime replacement warranty
Washable and reusable
Camera and proximity sensor unaffected
No discoloration
Free shipping within EU

What to expect

  • Designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • 1: Screen protector for iPhone 4/4S
  • 2: Screen and back protector for iPhone 4/4S
  • 3: Full Body protection for iPhone 4
  • 4: Full Body protection for iPhone 4S
  • Soft cloth, to clean display
  • Applicator card, to ensure bubble-free installation
  • Cleaning stickers with manual details
  • Shipped in sturdy QooQoon pack
  • Free shipping within EU
  • Low fee for shipping outside EU
  • Delivered within 5 days to 75% of the world
  • Quick, easy and safe ordering
  • 45-days money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime replacement for the life of the device
  • Professional customer service


World-class protection.

An extremely hard top layer protects your device against scratching and scuffing. Your device will keep it's new look.

Lifetime replacement warranty.

All QooQoon products come with a lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device. Enjoy protection, forever.

Washable and reusable.

The patented adhesive layer can be washed and easily re-installed to your device, making installation a lot easier.

Smooth as silq, hard as steel.

Patented technology ensures a hard and smooth top layer. Enjoy full protection without noticing any difference to the touch.

Full retina and multi-touch support.

Enjoy your iPhone the way it was designed. Our patented technology ensures full multi-touch and retina-display support.

No orange peel effect.

Many protectors add a thick and draggy layer to your iPhone resulting in distortion and ruined looks. The Silqshield doesn't.

Protects without anyone ever noticing.
Just the way it's supposed to be.